The Kitchen Nightclub, Clarence Hotel for U2

The Clarence Hotel was bought in 1992 by members of the Irish rock group U2, Bono and The Edge. They took on the task of recovering The Clarence, creating their own vision of the ideal place to stay. Situated in the heart of the city on the famous River Liffey the Clarence is very much a reflection of 21st century Ireland. Timeless but yet of its time, modern but embodies the best of Irish hospitality.

The Kitchen Nightclub was designed for more than 500 people and occupied the former basement kitchens of the Clarence Hotel in Dublins Temple Bar.

The design concept for this innovative, unique and ultra minimal club emerged out of a conscious attempt to evoke the dreamlike, surreal, tactile and sensuous atmosphere of a Dali painting or a theatrical Greenaway movie set. The prescriptive inclusion of a ramp or cat-walk inspired entrance and natural leather clad sloping walls and pod like seating was defined by sweeping stainless steel handrails.

With its Terrazzo floor, natural beech wood bar top and stainless steel drinks holders the bar evokes the feel of classic 1950s inspired butcher shop. Concealed atmospheric lighting and blue fibre optics illuminated bespoke drinks tables, bar surfaces and undulating plaster ceiling profiles.

The Oak dance floor was surrounded by a pool that reflected light onto a large sweeping purpose built polished plaster concealed speaker unit for exquisite drum and bass beat quality. The club’s brown velvet wall drapes, leather seating and soft ochre coloured plastered walls evoke the reassuring character of a classic Dublin Bar interior ensuring it never overwhelms or alienates its visitors.

Shortlisted for Minerva Institute of Designers UK Awards, London, and Special award AAI Awards, Dublin.

Publications: Blueprint Design, AAI, Institute of Designers UK, Sunday Times, Irish Times, RTE television.

Designers: R. Cahlill-O'Brien and John Feely.

bono and the edge at the opening of the kitchen nightclub in dublin
The Kitchen Nighclub 2 U2
The Kitchen Nightclub 3 U2
The Kitchen Nighclub 1 U2